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Protection from UV Rays

Even clear window films block almost all of the damaging UltraViolet Radiation (UV Rays), the leading cause of fading.  Together, heat and light from the sun are 50% of the cause of fading.  It is best to use a window tint that helps block some of the heat and light as well.  There are very light window films that still reduce a lot of heat while allowing customers to see through the windows and not have that dark tinted look.

For more detailed information read about Ultra-Violet Light and Fading from Madico below

Let your windows wear sunscreen so you don't have to

The sun is made up of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.  Very little of the UV-C rays reach earth, but we wear sunscreen to protect against UV-A and UV-B, both which can cause skin cancer and damage your furniture and floors.  Glass does a pretty good job at blocking your UV-B rays, but does not block UV-A.  So while you are more protected inside you can still get sunburned.  When you install window tint on your home, it will block over 99% of the remaining UV rays, leaving you fully protected.

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