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When you want better protection than Security Film, DefenseLite is the answer.  DefenseLite is a clear, retrofit polycarbonate ‘security glass system’ engineered to prevent forced entry. DefenseLite’s flexible and vented design is a patented security overglaze that anchors onto existing window, door and, curtainwall glazing frames. DefenseLite creates an invisible layer of ‘unbreachable glass security,’ protecting against unwanted entry.  The clear looks keep your storefront looking great, while providing the protection you need.

Protect People & Keep Assets Safe

Whether using DefenseLite to keep people out or BulletShield, its’ bullet resistant derivative, you can feel secure in the added safety provided for your people and property. DefenseLite and BulletShield are clear retrofit glazing systems that keep your property looking great while providing extensive safety and security measures.  You no longer need to board up your windows during civil unrest.  

See DefenseLite In Action

DefenseLite Polycarbonate Vs. Security Window Film

DefenseLite Security Glazing Product Demonstration

Attempted Break-In At Gun Store With DefenseLite

Brick Test

Maul Test – Door

Claw Hammer Test

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