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Window Film for Homes has many Benefits

•Reduce heat   •Save on energy costs   •Protect against fading   •Add privacy     •Make glass more Safe   •Reduce Glare   •Improve Views

Residential Films actually Enhance Views

Just like white noise there is unnecessary “White Light” that window films filter out, making it easier to see the blues of the sky and greens of the grass and trees. While increasing comfort you actually better your views.

Protect the ones you love and your property

Adding window film to your home will help hold the glass together in case a window breaks, protecting you and the ones you love.  At the same time it will act as sunscreen, reducing fading of your furniture and floors from the harmful sun rays.  Even clear window tints block over 99% of UV rays, the leading cause of damage from the sun.  It can also help block heat and light, together making up 50% of the cause of fading.  Learn more about the cause of fading HERE.

Open your blinds and enjoy your views

House window tint in Denver is crucial to protect your floors, furniture, and artwork from our increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV Rays).  Window Film on your home will allow you to open your blinds to enjoy your views and the sunlight, while reducing the heat and helping to reduce fading.  You will also get increased daytime privacy.

Add daytime privacy while keeping views or complete privacy while keeping your light.

Most solar window films will allow you to keep your blinds open while making it difficult for people to see inside your home during the day.  For windows where you want total privacy, day or night, there are many frost and pattern films that will allow light into the room, but keep anyone from looking in or out of the window.

Save Money and Energy with Window Film

Adding Window Tint to your home will reduce the heat in the summer, while helping to keep heat inside during the cold winter months. Your home will be “green” by reducing the energy required to cool your home. Typically energy savings alone will pay for the cost of window film over time. By protecting your property from sun damage you can further save money.

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