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Decorative Window Films

Decorative and Patterned Films

Decorative Films can help to give your glass a designer look and feel and/or add some privacy in very classy ways.  There are colored films, clear films, and many printed designs to choose from. Click Here  to search through Solyx and SimGlas patterns by Decorative Films.  Decorative films are great in office conference rooms and sidelights as well as your home.  See some photo examples below of some decorative films we have used in the past.

Frost Film, Cut Patterns, and Logos

Frost films are a clean way to get privacy.  They can be cut into many patterns including logos to promote your brand.  You can completely cover a window for total privacy or you can leave clear glass cut outs to partially allow viewing into or out of a space.  If you need privacy in your home or office, day or night, but want to keep the natural sunlight to light a room, then frost films may be your perfect option.  Contact us to see the frost film that is best for you.

Privacy Bands and Distraction Bands

Privacy Bands with window film are a great way to get some privacy in a room without fully closing off vision into and out of a space.  Distraction Bands come in many patterns and just help mark glass to give it a design aspect and keep people from walking into windows adding to the safety.  Both Privacy Bands and Distraction Bands can incorporate logos to  promote your brand.  

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