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How to cool down your business with office window tinting?

Office window tinting is a great way to make your office or business more comfortable by reducing the heat coming through your windows.  In addition, you can also receive all the other benefits of window tinting at the same time.  

Your windows are one of the main areas where heat from the sun comes into your office, as glass is a great conductor of temperature.  With window film, you can help reflect or absorb that heat before it comes into your business.  Window film will allow you to save energy by not having to run an air-conditioner so much.

In larger buildings, the air-conditioning must constantly run to fight the extreme heat entering through the windows, making the people at the center of the building too cold and those around the perimeter too hot.  With commercial window tinting, you can help even the interior and perimeter temperatures, making workers more productive and comfortable.

office window tinting

In states like Colorado, you don’t mind getting some heat from the sun during the winter months.  Customers are often worried about blocking the sun’s heat with window tint.  Office window tint doesn’t conduct temperature as well as glass, allowing you to slow the heat loss down.  Without window film, however, you are quickly losing the heat that you do have through your windows.

While using office tinting to keep your office cooler, you can also receive many other window tint benefits.  These can include reducing the glare, protecting against fading, adding safety and security, and providing some privacy.

Window Film can be like sunglasses for your business, keeping glare off of the computer screens and protecting your eyes.  You can use office tinting to reduce glare by having a toned window film to make the sunlight that does come through your windows less intense.  Windows films come in different colors and percentages of light transmissions.  If you use a darker office glass tint, with around a 5% to 20% light transmission, you can block a lot of the blinding light that does come into your business.

Another benefit of window tinting is to help protect against fading.  Most window films block over 99% of the damaging UV rays.  These are the same UV rays that cause sunburns in people but are also the leading cause of fading.  With office glass tinting, you can help keep merchandise from being damaged by the sun and protect your office furniture and carpet.

A side advantage of window tint is that the film adds another protective layer to your glass.  Instead of sharp, dangerous glass pieces falling on or around people, the glass will be held in place by the office window tint, providing safety and security if it breaks.

While using office tinting to keep your office cool, you can also add some daytime privacy.  People can no longer see right into your office during the day.  The commercial window tints are usually toned and reflective, which allows your employees to see out while keeping people from seeing in.  Employees will be bothered or distracted by people outside less often.

There are other office window films that you can use that aren’t really designed for blocking heat and keeping your office cooler.  These include decorative window films, anti-graffiti films, and thicker, transparent security films.

Decorative window tints can come in different patterns and colors.  Often, these films are frost films designed to provide privacy for specific areas such as conference rooms, restrooms, or medical offices with patients.  Sometimes the decorative films only add a design aspect to your glass.

Anti-graffiti window films are clear films that are added to the exterior side of your business windows to protect the glass from damage.  “Taggers” or graffiti artists will either scratch markings into your glass or use acid paints, which require you to replace the entire window.  Sometimes the acid paints clean off the window film without needing to be replaced.  The graffiti films can easily be removed, saving the replacement of the window at a much-reduced cost.

There are many benefits of window tinting in your office.  You can receive many of the benefits at the same time.  While your primary goal for using office glass tinting might be to make your office cooler, you can also gain privacy, reduce glare, add safety, and provide privacy simultaneously. The benefits of home window tinting are the same; after getting window tint on your business, you will want to add it to your home. Columbine Window Tint is here to help you out with getting these benefits. Follow Columbine Window For More.

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