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How to decorate your home windows using window tinting for home privacy?

Many customers want window tinting for home privacy, but you can also give a designer look to your windows simultaneously. There are two types of home tinting for privacy: one provides total or partial privacy at any time, and the other is called one-way privacy film and works mainly during the day. window tinting for home privacy

One Way Window Films

Today, houses are so close together that we keep our blinds or curtains shut to keep our neighbors from seeing directly into our homes. With our blinds closed, we can’t see the views, and we don’t get the sun’s natural light. With window film, you can regain your scenic views and let the natural light brighten your home while keeping your neighbors from seeing the inside. It is important to note that a one-way window film or one-way mirror film is misleading as it only works when the lighting is correct. You do get pretty good privacy, one way, during the day. At night, when it is dark outside, and you have the lights on inside, you won’t get privacy from these types of films. Usually, gaining privacy only during the day isn’t a problem since when it is dark, you don’t get the sunlight and can’t see outside; you can close your blinds at night. One-way privacy window films are most often mirror window films. The commercial window tinting will also provide other benefits such as reducing heat, lowering energy costs, increasing comfort, reducing glare, and protecting against fading.  The darker and more reflective you go, the more one-way privacy you will gain, but you don’t have to look like a commercial building. While some people install silver reflective window films on their homes, you see them more commonly on commercial buildings. For homes, we usually recommend a softer mirrored window film like a grey or bronze.   While providing privacy, mirror window films will also give your windows a decorative look. From the exterior, they can blend in with the color of your home or its’ trim. It can make your windows look uniform, instead of seeing a different style of blind or curtain in each room when looking at your home from outside. When the house has a mirror window film installed, all the windows look the same, giving a classy appearance. When looking out your windows from the interior, you can hardly notice the window film at all. The tinting is slightly softening the tone of the light coming through your windows. It gives a more comfortable appearance to the room by filtering out the extra, unnecessary white light. Window Tint will enhance your views; the greens appear greener while the sky gets bluer, etc.

Decorative window tinting

Decorative window films cover a broad spectrum of films. Some of these films are colored, multi-colored, white, frosted, and patterned. These types of window films can allow you to make your windows look decorated, filter light, give privacy, or all three at the same time. Decorative glass films can give your windows the designer feel and privacy you want at a much lower cost than you can get manufactured glass with the same appearance. If you ever want to change the appearance of your windows with window film, you can do so easily by removing the existing film. With manufactured frosted or designer glass, you must replace the entire piece of glass if you want to make any changes; this can cost thousands. Some decorative window tints are printed with images, shapes, and colors. There are also decorative window films with stained glass patterns that look very real and are, once again, much less expensive than having actual stained glass.   There are many options for frost films as well. Frost window tints can have varying transparencies and tones and are available in several color options, including white, bronze, grey, and more. Some frost films give complete privacy, while others allow some vision. You can also machine-cut films into specific patterns to add more options for decorative glass film patterns. We often frost an entire window and cut a business logo out, so the logo area is clear glass. You can do the opposite, leaving the glass clear and having a logo or image frosted. Decorative glass films can also increase safety. Large panes of glass can be so clean and clear that they become hard to see. People will walk into the glass, potentially hurting themselves or breaking the window. With a decorative window tint or a partial distraction band, you can help people see the clear glass before they collide with it.


Whether you want to decorate your home windows for complete privacy, one-way privacy, or to give your windows a designer look, residential window tinting is a great option. You can get all these benefits for a fraction of the cost it would take to get the same results with manufactured glass. You also have the option, at a much-reduced price, to change how the glass looks at any time without replacing the entire window. You can easily decorate your windows using window tinting for home privacy; you just have to decide what you like best. The decorative glass film options are endless. To know about window tinting follow Columbine Window.
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