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What makes a quality window tint company?  Showing up on time and being honest when providing window film options are some things to expect from a top-quality window tint service provider, but there are others.  A company should use a high-end window tint with a good warranty that the manufacturer and installer stand behind.  You want to ensure that you get the best film to help solve your specific window issues and know what kind of results you can expect.   In this article, we want to look at everything that makes a high-quality window tinting company so that you will know what to look for and can find a company near you that best provides the traits at the top of your list.

What window film do you want?  Many window film manufacturers are available, and the list is growing daily.  Some customers are highly concerned about using a specific window film brand, while others don’t think about it.  Some customers buy a film from hardware stores or online and then install it themselves, which can be a mistake in some situations.  For example, with a store-bought window film, you don’t get the manufacturer’s warranty that you will get when having a professional install the film, as the manufacturer needs to know if you followed the installation guidelines that a certified professional shop would.  If the wrong film gets installed, it could cause some windows to break.  Laminated glass can receive very few window films safely, while double pane windows have only a few films manufacturers deem safe enough to provide a glass breakage warranty to cover.  To ensure you use a safe window film for your windows, we recommend using a quality-tinting installation provider.

quality window tint

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Quality Window Tint

Our rule of thumb when selecting a window film manufacturer is to stick with one of the recognized significant producers in the industry.  While there may be other good window films on the market, you risk coming across a poorly produced film or a film sold under another label after failing to meet quality standards.  Our reputable high-end window tint manufacturers list includes Madico/Sunscape, Llumar/Vista, SolarGard/Panorama, 3m, 3m Fasara, Johnson, ASWF, Avery, V-kool, Huper Optik, and Solyx/Decorative Films.  The difference between these brands is less substantial than the difference between one of these and an off-brand.  Depending on your needs and goals in purchasing a quality tint, some of these brands may be more suited for your situation.  For example, 3m Fasara is excellent for a designer glass look with decorative patterns, but if you want a film to block heat, you need to go with someone like Madico.

Now that you have a better idea of which quality tinting manufacturers to choose, you need to pick a professional high-end window tint service provider.  What makes a good, quality window tint service provider?  As with any industry, you want to work with companies that communicate well, show up on time, and provide quality work.  Still, we wanted to focus on two others that we feel are especially important with window film – knowledge and honesty.

A good window film service provider will have much knowledge to help you find the right solution.  For example, a customer might want window film to gain privacy, not realizing that any window film that allows them to see out only has the potential to provide privacy during daylight hours.  Once the sun goes down and the interior lights are on, those window tints will give them zero privacy.  Or a store might want to reduce heat without realizing that some window tints will keep people from seeing their merchandise through the windows while providing heat blockage.  A knowledgeable high-end window tint service provider will know that some films are available that still block much heat while allowing customers to see into the store.  They will understand that security films deter or slow potential thieves down but do not provide an impenetrable barrier, which brings us to our next quality, honesty.

We often find customers that need to be more informed about window films.  They may have security film installed on their windows and now believe that their windows are break-in-proof and bullet-resistant, neither of which is true.  An honest window tint provider should have corrected both misconceptions so that the customer truly knows what they are getting and what results they can expect.  Quality window films provide many great benefits, and a company shouldn’t have to misrepresent for their gain.  We also see companies pushing high-end, expensive “spectrally selective” window films, saying they are higher quality than other films.  These films, specifically designed to target a particular wavelength of the sun’s energy (infrared waves), allow them to provide excellent heat blockage while being very light or less reflective than other films.  They are a great film to offer to customers who don’t want their windows to look reflective or in situations such as stores where they want to block heat and protect against fading but also want customers to see clearly into the store.  For customers that don’t mind a toned, reflective, or tinted look and want to block heat and reduce fading, there are less expensive films that can do a better job, something that an honest window film company should at least tell their customers.


There are a lot of top-quality window tint service providers to choose from, and you are sure to be able to find one in your area now that you know what to look for.  After finding a window tint provider who uses a reputable manufacturer, communicates well, is knowledgeable, and is honest, you can experience the many wondrous benefits of a high-end window film.

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