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Types of Custom Tinting at Home and Commercial Locations

Many types of custom window tint are available that can provide numerous benefits while making your windows look like designer glass at a fraction of the cost of custom glass.  With custom glass, you would have to replace the much more costly glass if you ever wanted to change the appearance.  Window film is semi-permanent, allowing you to remove and replace it if you want to change the look.  In this article, we will discuss the different types of custom tinting available, their use, and the many benefits they can provide.

Designer or Decorative Window Films

Decorative films are custom window tints often used to provide privacy or create a unique patterned look to your windows.  

Decorative window films are prevalent with commercial window tinting applications, where they want privacy on conference room windows, sidelights or doors to offices, and bathroom windows.  There are custom frost window films of different colors and opacities; you can block out as much light and vision as you want or leave the glass primarily transparent.  Commercial window tint customers will have us cover full windows or sometimes only a part of the window.  It is common to have frost or patterned film installed as a band in the middle section of the glass or starting at the ground level and stopping partway up, leaving the remainder of the window clear.  In addition, specialty custom window tints, called gradient window films, are frosted and then slowly fade out to clear either in one direction or in both directions as the frost moves away from the center.

Custom window tints can come in almost any color, some more subtle, like grays and bronzes, and some vibrant, like bright pinks and blues.  There are window films designed to look like stained glass with colored shapes or even murals.

custom tinting

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Window films can be machine-cut into custom patterns as well.  Commercial window tint customers will promote their brand by either creating their logo out of window film or covering the window with a frost and cutting their logo out of the film so that only the logo is clear glass.

Typically, windows are considered an added feature of a home or business, but sometimes they let in too much light, or you need the wall space instead, and they get covered.  In this situation, you can use a blackout or whiteout window film to eliminate the window entirely.

Decorative custom window tints are a great way to get the privacy you want while allowing a lot of light to pass through.  Residential window tint customers love this aspect in places like bathrooms where privacy is a must, but they rely on natural sunlight to brighten the room.

Solar Window Films

Adding a solar window film is a great way to give your windows a beautiful and classy appearance while benefiting in several other ways.  A custom solar window tint will help reduce glare when the sun is too bright, making it more comfortable in your home and helping you see your tv.  Residential window tinting can reduce energy bills and make rooms more comfortable by lowering the sun’s heat that comes through your glass.   Also, you can protect your furniture and artwork by reducing fading caused by the sun.  Both commercial and residential window tinting customers love solar films for these reasons.  From the exterior, the films can give your glass a nice tone that goes great with the color of your property.  A bronze film is an excellent match if you have a tan or earth-tone home.  There are beautiful neutral or gray window films for houses painted gray or blue.

These custom solar window tints can give your glass a slight sheen that allows you to have more privacy, keeping neighbors from seeing directly into your home.  At the same time, with less unnecessary sun glare, you can enhance your views.

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and security window films can provide safer glass.  In areas where windows are more likely to break or the glass would hurt someone if broken, these films can hold the glass safely together instead.  You can also get these thicker films tinted or toned and frosted to get the benefits of a solar or privacy film.


Whether you need the benefits of a commercial window tint to gain privacy and reduce heat or a residential window tint to enhance your views while protecting your furniture and floors, there is a custom window tint for your needs.  Search online for “custom tinting near me” and investigate your options; the benefits are too great not to!
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