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How long does it take to tint the windows of an average size office?

When customers look into having the windows tinted in their office, we will often get asked how long it takes to tint office windows, a difficult question to answer without some context about their specific application. This article will explore some variables determining the installation time for office window tinting.

Size of Windows and Window Count

There is a “sweet spot” for the window pane size concerning window film installation. It would be evident to most people that the more windows your office has, the longer it will take to install commercial office window tinting, which is true, but you also need to consider the size of the windows. It is faster to install office window tinting on one 5-foot by 5-foot window than installing the same film on a window the same size, broken into 25 one-foot by one-foot panes. At the same time, it takes two installers to install the window tint on a 5-foot by 10-foot window longer than it takes them to install the same film on two 5-foot by 5-foot windows.

how long does it take to tint windows

How Accessible are the windows?

Another consideration is what kind of access the installer has to the windows. Are the windows at the ground level, or would a stool or ladder be required to reach them? Typically, office window tint installed off a ladder will take longer than when installed off the ground. Using a scaffold or a lift could slow things down even more.

Also, the process will slow even further if there are many things like desks, computers, or window blinds that the professional window tinter must move or maneuver around. Moving the items will take time. If the installer cannot move the items, they will not be able to work as quickly as they might otherwise. Sometimes office workers themselves might be in the way. Often, we have to wait for specific offices to become available, skipping them and coming back. It may be best to install the commercial office window tinting before or after hours when nobody is in the way, but this can also cost more.

What are the conditions like?

You can install professional window tinting on the interior or exterior side of the building. Office window tinting installation will be the fastest when installed on the interior side of the building, in a clean office or business, with new clean window frames. While you want to install window film on the office’s interior, sometimes it has to be installed on the exterior. When installing film outside, the installer must deal with weather such as wind and rain, slowing the installation down as they fight to keep it as clean as possible. There is naturally more dust and grime outside, also slowing the process.

No matter where you install the film, it is always a concern for a professional window tinter to keep the application of your office window tinting as clean as possible. If your office is under construction, your business causes a lot of dust, or the building is older, installing your window tint will slow. The installer will need extra time to clean the windows better to get the cleanest installation possible.

Different types of window frames will also determine the speed at which you can install office window tinting. The quickest window film installation will be on windows with new frames that are either aluminum with rubber or vinyl frames and seals. It will take much longer to install professional window tinting on windows with old wood frames, with multiple layers of old paint, or with ancient putty seals. Both of these frame types will take extra cleaning and care.

Who is installing the film?

Just like with anything else, people do things at different speeds. Some commercial window tinting installers will work faster than others. An excellent installer can work very fast and install clean window film. Another installer may install immaculate window film but work slowly. Some customers may even try to install the window film themselves. Typically, a professional window tint installer will be quicker than a customer doing their own installation. Also, when asked how long office window tinting takes, you must see how many installers can work on the project. Having multiple installers on a job can speed things up but can affect normal business flow more.  

how long does it take to tint windows

Which window film type are you installing?

Some window films will be more difficult and take longer to install. Vinyl window films can often be challenging to install, requiring two installers for one window. Security window films are quite a bit thicker than other films, and the installer will need to take extra time to push out more water than they would with a solar window tint. You can install a frosted film at a quicker speed than you can the same frosted window tint that has a logo or pattern cut out of it. Even the different film brands can have varying installation times for the same installer as they are constructed differently, have different adhesives, and require different techniques.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when figuring out how long a commercial office window tinting project will take. Let a professional window tinting company come out and meet with you, see your windows, take measurements, and provide an estimate before you talk about how long it will take for your installation. Or we can answer quickly; most installers will install about three to five windows per hour when installing a standard window film on an average-size, ground-level window with easy access.

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