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Professional Pro Tinting Techniques at Commercial Buildings: A complete overview

Professional window pro tinting installed on a commercial building can provide many great benefits and solve many problems. An excellent professional window tint provider will be able to advise you on the best film for your situation and provide an installation with minimal interruption to your business operations. The need for window film on your building usually falls into five categories: solar window films, privacy window films, designer window films, safety/security window films, and specialty window films. Some pro window tints provide benefits in multiple categories. First, we will provide information about the five types of commercial window film and their benefits. Then, explain what to look for when searching for professional window tinting near you.

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Types of Commercial Window Films

Solar Window Films

Solar window tints are one of the most common applications for window films. Window films of this type help reduce the heat from the sun, saving energy, lowering energy bills, and increasing comfort. They also reduce the blinding glare from the sun, allowing you to open window shades more often and not feel like you need to wear sunglasses indoors. You can protect your valuables and merchandise from sun damage with a window film that blocks most of the harmful UV rays from the sun. People wear sunscreen to protect them from the sun, and now your windows can too. There are new types of window film that are barely noticeable yet provide you with all these benefits, allowing your customers to see into your business during the day easily.

Privacy Window Films

There are privacy window films for those situations where you want privacy from prying eyes. There are two types of privacy window films: one-way privacy films and full-privacy window films. One-way privacy films only work in certain lighting situations. They will provide pretty good privacy in one direction, preventing vision from a well-lit area into a less-lit area. For example, installing these professional window tints on the perimeter windows of a commercial building will provide good privacy during the daylight hours while still allowing you to see out. At night, these films will provide no privacy. These films can give decent privacy, even on an interior window, if the area outside has brighter lighting. These films are the same types used as solar window films and can provide both benefits simultaneously. 

The second type of privacy film provides privacy in all lighting situations. These films are typically frosted or patterned. You cannot see through these films in either direction, but they can still let much light into an area. Customers often install these types of privacy films on bathrooms and storage closets, allowing a good amount of natural light while providing the desired privacy. These films may be your best option in medical offices and conference rooms where you want total privacy. Sometimes, customers will only cover a portion of the windows, using a band to give the privacy needed in a particular area while keeping the top and the bottom of the window open, where no confidentiality is required.

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Designer Window Films

Many privacy window films are the same as designer window films as they often have patterns or give the glass a decorative or designer appearance. Still, there are situations where privacy is not the goal. Sometimes, customers want to give the glass a unique, designer appearance. You will see these films on glass panels in front of walls or a lighting display. You can identify a designer film if you see a window with a patterned window film installed that does not provide solar protection or privacy. Sometimes these are called distraction bands and keep people from walking into the hard-to-see glass.

Safety & Security Window Films

Customers often use safety and security window films in their businesses. Safety window films help hold the glass together when broken, keeping sharp, dangerous pieces of glass from spreading and hurting customers and employees. Protection like this can be crucial in areas such as swimming pools. Security films are thicker than safety films, making it more difficult for thieves to break in and steal merchandise. These films hold the glass together and help keep it in the frame, slowing intruders down, giving police time to respond, and deterring thieves from attempting a break-in. Some security films can provide the same benefits as solar and privacy window tints.

Specialty Window Films

Specialty window films for commercial buildings are less common than other film types, but they can provide essential benefits in situations. These films would include pro window tints such as radio frequency blocking or anti-fog films. In specific labs or manufacturing facilities, some lights can cause problems. For example, a laboratory might need to block blue light with a specialty amber window film.

What to look for when searching – “Professional Window Pro Tinting Near Me.”

There are many excellent professional window pro tinting companies to choose from. It is crucial to find one that takes the time to listen to what you want to accomplish from a window film and then provide you with all your options. On larger commercial buildings, a company can do an energy analysis to see what a solar window film will do to save energy on your property. This analysis can estimate a pay-off period for the window film through the money saved by reducing energy bills. You also want a company that will minimize interruptions to your day-to-day operations, working around your schedule as best as possible while protecting computers and items near the window during installation.

Take the time to assess the windows in your commercial building and see which of the benefits mentioned above might help solve some of your problems. Search your area for all pro tinting providers and talk with a couple. You are sure to find a company that can help you get the most benefits at the best price with a professional-grade window tint.

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