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Keep unwanted "guests" out with Security Film

Whether trying to keep someone out when you are there or protect against Smash and Grab thieves while you are away, Security Film can help.  Security Films are thicker than standard window films to better hold glass together when it is broken and be harder to pierce through.  When used in conjunction with a frame attachment system they can keep broken glass in place, slowing intruders down enough to give help or security time to arrive.  We have been installing Security Film in Denver and surrounding areas for years and have seen it work.  Call us today to learn how it can help you.

Keep your Glass Up so you can keep your Business Open

Glass can break for many reasons.  With security film you can hold glass together and in place to increase the safety for your family, customers, employees and you.   Even if broken you will be able to keep your business open  If your glass falls down when broken it can leave the inside of your store or home open to damage from bad weather or thieves.  Call us today for a Free Estimate on your home or business.

We are a Madico SafetyShield partner

Madico is a leader in Safety & Security Film technology. The SafetyShield films focus on anti-intrusion, blast mitigation and natural distaster mitigation. Madico has done extensive testing on their window films. Visit Madico SafetyShield HERE to learn more.

See World Business Review detail how Madico has lead with the changing needs of Safety and Security Films.

Security Films for Blast Mitigation can Save Lives

Many times injuries from explosions are caused by broken glass flying through through the air.  Between terrorism and industrial accidents it is important to use a Security Window Film and Frame Attachment System in high risk areas to help hold the glass in place when broken.  Different films and attachment systems provide different levels of safety.  Contact us so that we can look at your situation and find the film that is best for you.

DefenseLite - When You Want More Than Security Film

When you want the best protection on the market, there is DefenseLite.  DefenseLite is a retrofit polycarbonate clear ‘security glass system’.   The system attaches directly to your existing window frame system and provides an invisible layer the keeps unwanted guests out.  To learn more Click Here
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